Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand

The most famous outdoor party in the world, the original Koh Phangan Full Moon Party, takes place once a month on Haad Rin Sunrise beach on Koh Phangan in Thailand. The party zone on Haad Rin Sunrise beach with blacklights, fluorescent colours, fireworks and thousands of happy people dancing under the light of the full moon is an experience you will always remember.

The first ever full moon party took place in the late eighties on Haad Rin beach on Koh Phangan. It was a goodbye party for some friends organised by the owner of Paradise Bungalows. In the nineties the Full Moon Party on Koh Pha-Ngan became famous all over the world partly due to the increasing popularity of electronic dance music.

full-moon-party-dates Upcoming 2015 Full Moon Party Dates

  • Sunday 04, January 2015
  • Tuesday 03, February 2015
  • Thursday 05, March 2015
  • Friday 03, April 2015
  • Saturday 02, May 2015
  • Tuesday 02, June 2015
  • Tuesday 30, June 2015
  • Saturday 01, August 2015
  • Saturday 29, August 2015
  • Sunday 27, September 2015
  • Tuesday 27, October 2015
  • Wednesday 25, November 2015
  • Friday 25, December 2015
  • Thursday 31, December 2015
Note that the exact date can sometimes change due to Buddhist holidays.

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full-moon-party-tips-warning Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Tips

We have a few tips to make sure your visit to the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan will be memorable in a positive way:

  • Wear shoes or good flipflops as you might be unlucky and step in a broken bottle or glass.
  • Do NOT bring or try to buy any kind of drugs. There are lot of police road checks as well as undercover police on the beach.
  • Be carefull with the famous full moon party buckets. The alcohol in the buckets is mostly cheap rum or whisky (even if the bottle seems a real brand) and will get you very drunk quickly.
  • Do not bring more money or valuables than necessary. We’ve seen plenty of people falling asleep and waking up with empty pockets.
  • Do not bring your passport but just a copy.
  • Do not stay in Haad Rin if you might want to go to bed early. The party lasts all night long and will be noisy enough to keep you awake.
  • Because of the huge popularity of the full moon party it is recommended to book your resort in advance

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full moon party clubs venues music styles Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Music and Clubs

During the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan big sound systems play everything from psy-trance to house and mainstream music making the crowd on Haad Rin beach go wild. The nicely decorated arena at Paradise Bungalows is still the biggest venue with the coolest atmosphere and quality house played by resident Thai dj’s and international guest dj’s. At Paradise global dj heroes like Sven Väth and Danny Rampling performed in the past. This part of the beach is also referred to as “Paradise the Rock” as you can find there the famous rock with inscription which has been captured on the pictures of hundred thousands of visitors during the years.

At the furthest southern point of Haad Rin Sunrise beach you can enjoy a great view on the beach at The Rock. They play all kinds of music and it is a great place to take a little rest from the party. Drop In Club plays hip hop, RnB and hit music while Zoom Bar and Vinyl Club both play psy-trance and techno. The Cactus Bar plays mainstream tunes, the Orchid plays heavy drum & bass and Tommy’s plays trance. On the northern end of Haad Rin beach at Mellow Mountain you can relax and have a milkshake overviewing the full moon party crowd. In the street behind the Drop In Bar you can find Club 9, the largest indoor club on Koh Phangan. In Full Moon Party periods they organize special events with international djs.

parties-koh-phangan-party Other Koh Phangan Parties

The parties on Koh Phangan follow the cycle of the moon: full moon, half moon, black moon, half moon and back again. This means that apart from the full moon party you can also go to the Half Moon party, the Black Moon party and some other parties.

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